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Do you love the experience of being able to pick and enjoy fresh produce right from the vine?  At Teich Garden Systems, we know that most people love the taste of fresh from the garden vegetables right at their fingertips, but don’t want to spend the time and effort that usually goes with it. Teich Garden Systems creates custom designed animal-resistant, sustainable garden systems for gardeners of all ages and abilities. Our innovative systems are fantastic for residences or as school gardens and outdoor classrooms.  Our garden systems also make excellent horticulture therapy gardens. 

Teich Garden Systems require very little upkeep and maintenance enabling you to enjoy your garden's bounty with minimal effort. We can turn your garden into something of beauty which enhances the landscaping.  Our designs enable you to be creative and utilize the garden in many different ways. Our garden systems have been featured in The New York Times as well as other publications.  Additionally, our garden systems have been seen on the NBC Nightly News, Yahoo Interactive, and on other media outlets. Thousands of people have found out how convenient and efficient our low maintenance garden systems are and so can you!

See our photo gallery for examples of the many shapes and sizes a Teich Garden System can take.  Picture one as a backyard vegetable garden or an outdoor classroom. What better way to teach children about the importance of eating healthy and being responsible?  With our system, gardeners don’t have to spend hours weeding, watering, or worrying about garden destroying critters getting to the harvest  before you do.

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